Here you can download releases of old Rock Patch project.
You should remember that this versions isn't supported more and contains a lot of bugs.
I don't recommend to use it at all, but this useful for old mods.

If you know, which revision you want to download, you can select version in box and enter a revision number. then press Download button.
Otherwise you can select the last revision from the list below.

Select version Short name Revision

Filename Link
Rock Patch 1.08 Second Edition #0035 Download
Rock Patch 1.08 Documentation Download
Rock Patch Celebration Edition #0055 Download
Rock Patch Celebration Edition Documentation Download
Rock Patch 1.10 #00036 Download
Rock Patch 1.10 Mod Development Kit Download

In case if you want to download the very old versions, created by PD, you can visit this page.

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