Name Description Platform
INI Validate 120 This program can find some  errors/problems in your RULES files. Win32(x86)
MixProtector 1.1 This program protect your MIX (TS/FS/RA2/YR) files from ripping. MixProtector support only generic MIX files - without encryption and checksum. Win32(x86)
PNGtoSHP   1.1 This program convert a PNG file to SHP (TS/FS/RA2/YR) file and create palette. Good for creating images with separate palette, like loadscreens (glslmd.shp & glsmd.pal) Win32(x86)
RGBtoHSV This program can convert color value  from RGB to HSV Win32(x86), Win32(x64), Win32 (ARM)
Load Screen Builder 1.11 This tool can create load screens for RA2/YR. Win32(x86)
SHP Shell Extension 1.04 This can show SHP images as icons. Win32(x86)
TMP Icon Handler 1.000 Shell extension for TMP files (part of TMP Studio) Win32(x86)
XCC Utils 1.45 U XCC Utils update by me. Replace files in your XCC folder. Win32(x86)
YR x64 patch Update YR 1.001, so it can run on Win64(x64) systems. Win32(x86)